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MnF Decluttering - 'A place for everything and like with like'

Why us

At MnF our main intention is to support you through the journey of de-cluttering your 'Home' or 'Office and for the whole process to run easily and effortlessly in an efficient manner. Your space will be completely organised when we leave. Through our 'Home Staging' you will have achieved the complete 'WOW' factor for your property.

Who we Are

Frances a Holistic Therapist & Mary an Interior Designer have a wealth of experience between them, over 50 years in fact!! having raised 4 children each and also having moved home and country several times. They wanted to set up an Ethical Service with a feel good factor for the Client and work satisfaction for themselves and so MnF Decluttering & House Staging was born.

What we do

We help people to kick the clutter habit and organise their lives for good. With ourHouse Staging we style your property in order to achieve a higher price and quicker sale. It is about re-organising and cutting back on what we need and don't need. Some people are good at this some are not. So we step in to help organise your Space and 'Stuff'. We can help with hoarding and be your own personal organisers.